Besides delivering affordable homes, Willmott Dixon also transforms tired estates into desirable new areas for people to work and live.

This 'placemaking' involves partnering with local authorities, housing associations and private developers to create a new community, and includes not only housing, but also public services, shops and other public infrastructure.

We work with trusted architects, architects and planners to ensure the communities are well-designed, sustainable, healthy places to live.

Partnership approach

Our approach to placemaking stems from the partnership approach to affordable housing which we pioneered in the 1990s. We have an open relationship with clients, ensuring we can understand their requirements, advise on strategy, and achieve the most value for the project.

Our range of services includes: advice on finance, funding of pre-development costs, land acquisitions, and developing homes for sale.

Our expertise in design and construction means we can ensure the most effective use of the land available in terms of units built, and our supply chain buying power helps us deliver all schemes cost-effectively.


Willmott Dixon leads the industry in our innovative thinking on sustainability, and many of our estate regeneration schemes achieve high ratings under the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM.