Willmott Dixon is a founder member of the UK’s Passivhaus Trust.

Developed in Germany in the early 1990s, Passivhaus is the fastest-growing energy performance standard in the world.

Achieving Passivhaus is a very technical feat; the building envelope – roof, walls and ground floor slab – is highly insulated, with U-values of 0.13W/m2/k. A key facet of Passivhaus is a ‘fabric first’ approach to construction which results in the incredible insulation and air tightness required to prevent heat leakage through the windows, walls, floor and roof.

A Passivhaus building is so well insulated that it does not need a conventional heating or cooling system. This means that energy usage (and energy bills) is significantly lower than in a non-Passivhaus equivalent building.

Willmott Dixon has constructed the UK’s largest non-domestic Passivhaus building for Leicester University – and is currently constructing the UK’s largest Passivhaus secondary school in Sutton.

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