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Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, councils and private owners are required to undertake recladding works on non-compliant hazardous facades. Through our extensive pedigree in construction and specialist supply chain partners, we have widespread experience in the recladding of buildings, adhering to relevant safety standards and working in complex environments.

Technical expertise

Through our in-house expertise and extensive specialist supply chain, we manage the full recladding project lifecycle from inception to completion. We work closely with customers to plan the works, understanding the existing structure and materials, the current Fire Risk Assessment and management of the buildings as well as the surrounding environment. Following this we are able to plan works based on the most relevant materials selection, providing the opportunity increase building efficiency whilst ensuring compliance.

Early Adopter

In our role as an Early Adopter, we are helping the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) shape the new regulatory pathway for High Rise Residential Buildings (HRRB) and the implementation of the Hackett report's recommendations. As one of the initial members of the Building a Safer Future Charter, we have pledged to put peoples safety first and to spearhead cultural and behavioural change in our industry by demonstrating true leadership in this area for others to follow.

Specialist supply chain

We utilise a robust and specialist recladding supply chain, capable of quickly and safely delivering all types of recladding projects, in line with all funding, building control and customer needs. Our recladding supply chain has all the necessary accreditations in place to start projects without delay.

Working in live environments

Across the business we have extensive experience in working in live environments, which is critical for completing recladding works in preoccupied buildings with minimal disruption. We plan our works in line with local building regulations and work closely with customers to keep disturbance to a minimum. We have won awards for our community engagement whist delivering refurbishment works in live environments, most recently at Gateshead HEIGHTs.

Fast response

Through holding positions on a range of national and local OJEU compliant frameworks, we are able to respond to customer recladding needs quickly and effectively, delivering value for money and meeting all legal contracting requirements.