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Our planet’s resources are finite. It’s the same planet that will be home to the generations that follow us. Yet, overconsumption continues and has led to rapid rises in the amount of carbon in our atmosphere, accelerating climate change and increasing both flooding and water shortages. It has also caused the destruction of habitat leading to the extinction of many species of plants and animals and increased pollution in our air, oceans and on land.

With the world’s population set to rise by 1.2bn in the next ten years, the pressures will only increase. In the UK, construction is one of the largest consumers of materials and produces almost two thirds of all waste.

The extent of the challenges the planet is facing means that ‘business as usual’ is not an option. We will rethink our approach to how we build in order to eliminate our fossil fuel use, maximise our resource efficiency and enhance our natural environments.

By helping to restore and regenerate natural systems that have been degraded, we can play our part in creating a better planet for future generations.

Whilst we have done well in reducing our carbon emissions, waste and improving biodiversity on our projects over the past ten years, we know we need to do more.

Our ambitions to 2030

  • We will be a zero-carbon company without any offsetting
  • We will generate zero avoidable waste
  • We will halve the volume of water we use on our projects
  • We will deliver environmental net gain on all our projects

Better Planet Ambitions.PNG

Find out more about how we will deliver our ambitions in our strategy document and by clicking on the links below.