Timber and Timber Products

Willmott Dixon is committed to sourcing timber and timber products from well-managed forests.

Willmott Dixon is committed to sourcing timber and timber products from well-managed forests. We and our clients we work with can be confident that we are working towards the widely shared zero net deforestation goal and not contributing to deforestation or unsustainable harvesting – and the negative impacts these have on people, nature and climate.

We systematically verify our own performance and our 2015 timber reporting is as follows: 99.8% verified as legal and sustainable, of which, 94.2% was certified with a full chain of custody to FSC & PEFC (CAT A), and 5.7% reported as legal and sustainable (CAT B), typically provided with a broken chain of custody. 2016 timber reporting data is being compiled and will be made available by mid-year.

WD - Timber Reporting Summary 2015

WD - Timber Reporting Summary 2014

WD - Timber Reporting Summary 2013

Willmott Dixon is committed to ensuring that illegal timber is not used on any of our projects. Our Group Sustainable Procurement Policy forms an integral contractual link with our supply chain and clearly sets out our requirements for the sourcing of forest products from well managed sources. We accept two types of evidence.

1. Cat A evidence - both PEFC and FSC are acceptable with a full chain of custody. This is preferred.

2. Cat B evidence - is alternative documentary evidence that the timber is legally and sustainably sourced. This type of evidence can be used where the supplier or contractor is not certified.

Our business card sized delivery ticket checklist lists the information required to maintain full chain of custody and is a useful aid memoir to our site teams, suppliers and subcontractors. Download here

We also work to a common reporting methodology agreed by UKCG, now Build UK, and we require our suppliers and sub-contractors to provide us with data at the end of each quarter to help us complete the timber reporting requirements.

In line with our Corporate Brand Manual, all paper for printing, photocopying and external publications must be sourced under a certified forest management scheme to either PEFC or FSC. Paper products should minimise the use of virgin fibre and contain a minimum of 50% recycled fibre.

Raising awareness of timber sustainability issues with our clients

Willmott Dixon is signatory of the WWF #Saveforest Forest Campaign which aims to make responsible forest trade the norm by transforming timber markets in the UK and Europe and through the tightening up of the EU Timber Regulation.

We are proud of the work we have undertaken with Build UK, formally UKCG, to create an industry mechanism for recording and reporting legal and sustainable timber for main contractors. We now include a section of our timber procurement performance within the smarter natural resources section of our Group Sustainable Development review.

We also promote the advantages of Project Certification to our clients, this is a third party verified percentage claim of certified timber against the total volume of timber included within a construction project. Please see the BM Trada Case Study for the FSC project certification carried out on the WWF HQ project.