We are committed to systematically managing our environmental impact at each stage of our project processes. These processes are underpinned by our ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management Systems.

Before the start of building works on site we will review all aspects of the project, to identify where it risks having a negative impact on the environment. These may include:

  • Site Waste Management
  • Site Water
  • Flooding
  • Contaminated Land
  • Archaeology
  • Ecology / Biodiversity
  • Site Deliveries
  • Materials Procurement
  • Travel to and from the site
  • Noise
  • Air Pollution

Each site is unique, so, together with a suitably qualified ecologist, we create a bespoke assessment for each project. We make sure we understand and comply with our legal obligations in each of these areas. We put in place systems and actions which minimise risk and mitigate negative impacts.

Before we start operations on-site we complete an initial risk profile which forms the basis of an audit that we carry out regularly.

Recognising that the environmental risks associated with each project will change during operations each environmental, we review the environmental risks score at each site visit and adjust the system accordingly.

As part of our ISO 9001 and 14001 management system certification we are regularly audited by the BSI across our offices and sites.