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40 cubic metres

concrete saved


in disposal costs saved


can be reused on future projects

Concrete waste becomes new product

On a mission to reduce waste, our innovative team turned waste concrete into a block product

We turned waste concrete into a concrete block product, which can be used as a ballast block for site hoarding, on our Gateshead Quays Multi-Storey Car Park project.

Traditionally, concrete which is left in the hopper of a wagon, or in the lines of the concrete pump becomes waste and is removed from site. Instead of letting this resource go to waste, our site team instead used this concrete to produce a product which could be used on-site or donated to other sites in the region.

The team purchased a block jig to make it happen; when each concrete pour was complete, the waste concrete was directed into the jig. This enabled the site to produce ‘lego block’ made out of concrete, which could be used as ballast for site hoarding. The blocks could also be used on other sites, for example to reinforce a flood plan area, to close off unused roads or sections of land to prevent unlawful access.

This resulted in c.40m3 of concrete being saved, saving approximately £2,500 in disposal costs.

“This initiative came about because we constantly ask whether a waste is unavoidable, or whether an innovative solution can be employed to reduce or remove it,” said Peter Hewitt Construction Manager in our North region. “We think it would be great if we could fully turn around the habit of creating waste while helping our customer and or the public.”