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Homes for a prosperous community

Quality homes are the driving force for a strong local economy that attracts skills and investment

Homes are the life blood of community cohesion and growth, and as one of the UK’s largest house builders of homes for local authorities, we can add a multitude of skills to accelerate programmes.

Our specialist teams can help develop masterplans, attract funding, assemble a supply chain and support a project through planning and into construction with a seamless approach.

Homes that are designed, built and finished to a high standard attract new people to an area. They also benefit people’s mental and physical well-being, making them happier, healthier and more economically productive. This in turns reduces demand on local health and care services and increases local prosperity.

Barking Completion Feb 2023-March 02_ 2023-54-2.jpg

We're working with Be First in Barking on the regeneration of the Gascoigne neighbourhood

Housing projects deliver far more than simply meeting local need for homes. They provide lasting economic benefits by creating local apprenticeships and jobs, generating business for local suppliers and increasing revenue for local shops and services.

Ashton Rise homes 6 - mid.jpg

We helped Bristol City Council deliver its first homes in a generation

With projects often including provision of new or improved local facilities, such as sports pitches, schools and community centres, the wider community gains too.

The Home Builders Federation reports that in 2018 alone, house building in England and Wales supported close to 700,000 jobs, with over £840 million spent on new community infrastructure and £11.7 billion with suppliers.

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