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Why do we need to simplify sustainability?

We're here to help you make informed decisions regarding sustainability in the built environment

As we all take our different paths towards net zero, there are both challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We’re being inundated with facts, figures and statistics, but the true value lies in collaboration and learning from each other.

We’re all on slightly different journeys, but we all have the same goal: meet the Government’s net zero targets by 2050 (at the latest!).

At Willmott Dixon, we’re on a mission to #SimplifySustainability in the construction industry. We know that not everyone needs to be a sustainability expert, but that we can all learn from experts, share our experiences and feel empowered to make decisions.

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An A-Z of terms to simplify sustainability

Ironically, there is a lot of sustainability "jargon" in the industry. So the first thing we're doing is taking it back to basics and sharing what these terms really mean for customers. We'll be releasing a few definitions every week on our social media channels and on the page below. You can watch our people explaining the terms or simply download a PDF with them all on here.

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If there is a term you think is missing, let us know here.

Keep checking back as we'll be adding more content over time to help simplify sustainability!