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Net zero carbon schools 

From net zero to Passivhaus, we can create energy efficient learning environments fit for the future

Our track-record for net zero schools means we have the know-how to make them the beating heart within community that attracts families to make their home.

Net zero carbon and Passivhaus standard schools deliver far more than helping cities meet carbon reduction targets.

They boost pupil and staff health and wellbeing as well as pupil performance. Passivhaus buildings, for example, are not only optimised for net zero emissions but also ensure excellent air quality, an ideal temperature and the right amount of natural light.

Lower energy costs also make energy price uncertainties and potential price rises far less of a worry.

Tarleton Academy

Tarleton Academy, near Preston, is one of a new generation of net zero carbon in operation secondary schools.

The 750 place, new build school is part of the Department for Education’s flagship pilot scheme. The building is net zero carbon in operation thanks to an enhanced thermal building envelope, including increased air-tightness, triple glazing and reduced thermal bridging. The various massing, orientation, ventilation and shading strategies were tested in pre-construction via an iterative modelling process rather than just modelling for compliance. The pool uses micro-filtration rather than sand which reduces the pumping load and saves energy.

Tarleton Academy external 5 mid.jpg

Tarleton Academy

Tarleton's ground source heat pumps and the roof mounted air source heat pumps provide fossil free energy, with all energy use on site offset by 1,500 sqm of PV panels. We worked hard to ensure the design was simple and familiar wherever possible, without reducing the architectural quality.

harris Academy Sutton main picture website.jpgHarris Academy is the UK's first Passivhaus secondary school

Along with the positive impact on all those who study and work in net zero environments, they help increase awareness of climate issues, helping to motivate pupils, their families and the wider local community to reduce their own carbon footprint

Going beyond just net zero carbon are Passivhaus ‘plus’ schools. These use only 75% of the 100% renewable energy they generate on the site, allowing the remaining 25% to be exported to the grid.

We built the UK's first Passivhaus secondary school and Passivhaus 'plus' school, both in Sutton. Likewise, we are behind many net zero schools like Tarleton Academy in Preston and Silverwood SEND school in Wiltshire.

Hackbridge Primary School  (33).jpg

Hackbridge Primary School in Sutton is the first Passivhaus 'plus' primary school.

Passivhaus Expertise