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Contracting - Willmott Dixon Holdings

In contracting, we work with government, local authority and private sector clients, delivering capital projects in education, justice, commercial offices, retail, health and housing. Through innovations like Sunesis, our standardised designs for education, leisure and the care sector, we save clients up to 30% on building costs without compromising on quality.

We completed the largest ever development by Tesco, Woolwich Central, and you can watch this great film about how we delivered one of the UK's largest retail developments.

Willmott Dixon Interiors is our fit-out company, which can deliver one-off projects, rolling programmes of refurbishment or brand renewal for big names like Barclays, Travelodge and the London School of Economics. It is also involved in moderning Grade 2 and office buildings, alongside Cat A and B office fit-out.

Willmott Partnership Homes is one of the UK's largest builders of homes, delivering 2,000 homes a year for Be, housing associations, developers and local authorities, where our customer focused teams are behind a variety of developments providing homes of all tenures.

Sister companies

We also have two sister companies who are independent of Willmott Dixon but owned by the same family of shareholders.

Development - Be

Our financial and development know-how has made us the partner of choice for land-owners looking to develop property.

This is highlight by our recent agreement with Brentford FC to deliver their 20,000 seat stadium and 1,000 homes north of Kew Bridge. We are also involved in 1,000-home estate renewals, such as Dee Park in Reading and Aberfeldy Village in Poplar, while our team are behind developments in popular locations like Brenley Park in Mitcham and Prime Place in Greenwich.

Be develops homes for sale, and our new company be:here that builds homes especially for private renters.

Property services - Fortem

We deliver planned, preventative and responsive care services to property, which includes maintaining 180,000 homes across the UK through our Partnerships brand.

Our Transformational Change approach to getting the most from outsourcing is delivering real benefits for clients, while our Transforming Communities approach to social value and creating a legacy has seen thousands of people benefit from new skills and enhanced community facilities.

We provide energy efficiency expertise and Green Deal services through our Energy Services brand, and are especially active on ECO with a number of partners.