Fortem undertakes 400,000 responsive repairs each year on a 24/7 basis, using our 1,400 strong directly employed workforce. All our teams are local to each contract and deliver a range of work including plumbing, electrics, gas, plastering, decorating, carpentry, flooring, roofing, fencing, paving and external repairs.

Our operatives are highly trained in their trades and complete our induction training prior to undertaking any works. We also invest heavily in apprentices - read Apprentices transforming their lives and Building futures in ROTHERHAM

One example of a typical contract is with Orbit Heart of England, where we provide 24/7 housing maintenance services to over 16,000 homes in the central England from our client’s offices in Stratford Upon Avon. We employ a direct workforce of 80 multi-skilled engineers and since the contract commenced in March 2014, we have delivered over 40,000 responsive repairs as well as 5,300 communal repairs.

We also believe in delivering value in the era of 'more for less', including leaving tangible social legacy for local communities. This is captured by our Transforming Communities report which advocates how we can encourage more investment in the community, something we're doing through initiatives like Opening Doors which provides 25,000 hours of work experience to over 300 people a year.