Responsive Repairs

We currently undertake 400,000 responsive repairs each year to homes on a 24/7 basis using our 1,400 strong directly employed workforce.

Working with local authorities and housing associations, our teams are local to each contract and carry out a range of repairs including plumbing, electrics, gas, plastering, decorating, carpentry and joinery, flooring, roofing, fencing, paving and communal and external repairs.

On our contract with Orbit Heart of England, we provide 24/7 housing maintenance services to over 16,000 homes crossing the central England belt from our client’s offices in Stratford Upon Avon. Since the contract commenced in March 2014 we have delivered in excess of 40,000 responsive repairs in addition to the 5,300 communal repairs.

We employ a direct workforce of some 80 multi-skilled engineers.

All our operatives hold the appropriate accreditation such as NVQ Level 2 and/or 3 or City & Guilds, and we invest over £1 million each year to equip them with the right skills.

Cyclical inspection and preventative maintenance

Cyclical maintenance programmes are important for keeping housing stock up to standard and preventing gradual deterioration while reducing the number of daily repairs on a property.

Depending on the component these programmes are undertaken every one, five or 10 years. Elements can include replacement of rainwater pipes, guttering and fixings, external painting and decorating of masonry, concrete, render and timber, and internal painting and wallpapering of timber and walls.

Cyclical maintenance also includes annual gas servicing, electrical checks every five years and water safe assessments (to prevent legionella) every two years.

On our contract with Birmingham City Council, and through its Constructing West Midlands Framework, we provide 7,700 home periodic electrical tests and approximately 200 water safe risk assessments each year. Between our Rotherham, Phoenix (Lewisham, south London) and Home Group branches, we provide annual gas servicing to approximately 45,000 homes, with our Phoenix branch achieving 100% compliance for the past 4 years.