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Stimulating the evening economy

We refurbish and create cultural venues that bring footfall back to local high streets

Thriving urban space requires footfall. We can transform the most dilapidated property into a bustling cultural attraction that contributes millions each year to the local economy.

A report by the Night-time Industries Association (NTIA), found that in 2019, the value of the night-time culture economy across the UK was £46 billion – 1.64% of GDP – with the sector accounting for 425,000 jobs.


We transformed the east wing of Alexandra Palace into a major concert venue

The diverse scope for properties of all types to be key contributors to a town and city’s prosperity is huge. Cinemas, arts and music venues, comedy clubs, bars and restaurants, theatres and museums can all change the make-up of an ailing high street.

Wolves Civic hall interior main 10.jpg

Inside The Halls in Wolverhampton

Buildings have the flexibility to adapt to changing leisure trends, such as family-focused attractions like bowling alleys and climbing walls, providing many options to consider in delivering urban renewal.

Clusters of buildings and their surrounds can also be transformed into a new cultural offering, a focus on the Levelling Up spending across the country.

Our experience can help accelerate this process and integrate it within larger plans for urban renewal, along with an intricate knowledge of the construction process to deliver a successful night-time economy.

Northgate Yard external.JPG

Northgate Year in Bridgwater is a multi-purpose venue attracting people to the town centre at evenings