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Flexible accommodation for visitors is essential to driving inward investment

Hotels are an important economic component to any community.

They bring leisure visitors and business people to the heart of a community, filling a compelling market need by accommodating visitors to businesses, places and institutions. Hotels generate sales for retail, service businesses and capture tourism, as well as provide tax revenues and create local jobs.

Because of their central location, towns and cities provide excellent investment opportunities for hotel development. Sites are typically within close proximity to businesses and industry, colleges, hospitals, attractions, services and entertainment. These are important generators of room-night demand.

Market conditions have a significant impact on the feasibility of a new hotel. The strength of the local market affects occupancy rates.

The economic benefits from a hotel development to local and regional economies are typically separated into four categories: direct, fiscal, indirect and induced. To support this, our specialist services include design, planning, advice on sustainability legislation, construction and finance.

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We partnered with Village Hotels on their roll-out across several major towns and cities

Our teams also understand the dynamic between initial investment, operational costs and the all-important open market value. We also understand the importance of adhering to specifications associated with carbon emission legislation.