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Ex-service personnel bag jobs on Rochdale Riverside Scheme

New careers forged via military charity

Two ex-members of the armed forces are forging new careers with Willmott Dixon: one as a trainee site manager and the other a gate supervisor.

The dynamic pair, who made contact with us via a military charity, decided to put the many skills they picked up during their time in the armed forces to good use by helping to construct the new Rochdale Riverside retail and leisure development.

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Changing career after serving in the armed forces is not always an easy transition to make as highlighted by our new gate supervisor.

He explains:

“It can be quite difficult when you leave the army because everything’s very structured and lots of things are done for you and then suddenly you move on and you’re on your own, with no support. I went into different jobs after I left the army, but they were quite mundane and I wasn’t settled.
Eventually somebody put me in touch with a military charity and this opportunity came up. I really like the role. No two days are the same and there are lots of opportunities for progression, so I’m really motivated. It’s great doing a project in Rochdale. It’s creating a real buzz and people tend to ask me questions when they walk by.”

Both men are Rochdale born and bred so were delighted at being able to get involved in a project within their hometown.

Our new trainee site manager said:

“I like doing something really big like this in my hometown, because it will make a massive difference to Rochdale. The town centre has changed a lot since I left and it will give me a huge sense of achievement to walk past it when it’s finished and know I was there from the beginning.”


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