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Fast, efficient procurement

Access to fast, efficient procurement routes is essential to getting projects 'shovel ready'

We have access to fast and effective procurement routes to accelerate your development plan.

Well-designed and managed procurement frameworks encourage collaboration, efficiency, consistency and transparency. They also support priorities on social value and carbon net-zero.

Customers can use frameworks to work as an alliance, problem solving, sharing best practice and lessons learnt, and mitigating risks - themes are at the heart of the recommendations of the Construction Playbook.

Our specialist procurement service enables you to unlock schemes and get them under way. Utilising our combined construction and development expertise, we identify funding requirements on projects and a suitable partner we can work with to provide a funding offer or solution.

Options could include cross subsidy models, which can introduce flexible development partners to share risk; grant funding solutions; and alternative funding models. We can also explore partnership models to design, build, finance and operate new public facilities.

Our positions on local and national frameworks mean we are able to engage through a fast, pre qualified contracting mechanism.

Frameworks allow our customers to focus on what is right for them, their communities and stakeholders, rather than lengthy, costly procurement processes.

Our frameworks are managed nationally and delivered locally, allowing us to procure significant volumes of projects and services commanding highly competitive and fixed rates.