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Further education and colleges

Upskilling the next generation with the right capabilities to work in the local economy

The social and economic value of education and skills is huge; it is the beating heart of a community’s future.

Exeter College main 2 mid.jpg

Digital and Date Centre, Exeter College

The future prosperity of a town and city depends on our collective knowledge and skills base along with our constant drive to push the boundaries of knowledge further.

Creating the environments for opportunity, potential and achieving excellence is the goal of any region. As is the ability to attract and retain the skills it develops.

Further education colleges provide opportunities to support employer needs and ensure that also students moving from education have real employment opportunities. They develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the market and can be aligned with local employers.

Our sensitive and pragmatic approach towards customers' individual needs means we can meet their challenge for a quality college ready for the start of term.

The experience we bring to colleges means we often get involved in the master-planning for campus configuration, and with our role on several frameworks, customers can contract with us immediately and not waste time on a lengthy procurement process.

North Kent College Motor Vehicle Workshop (12).jpg

North Kent College motor vehicle workshop at Hadlow College