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With our support in masterplanning for towns and cities, your developments can be accelerated and create impact at pace

Covid-19 accelerated a shift in the way urban centres are used by communities, making many towns and cities no longer 'fit for purpose'.

When it comes to creating a plan to make urban centres the thriving hub of activity they once were, councils are faced with many different challenges - from actually creating a masterplan that meets the needs and desires of local people, to balancing ambitious aspirations with the reality of budgets.

For those who manage to secure funding from sources such as the Levelling Up Fund, additional challenges are posed around feasibility and programme as the funding has to be spent within strict timescales.

Our development solutions team is made up of 12 individuals who all have different areas of expertise; from an economist to a chartered planning and development surveyor. This unique blend of skillsets means we have an in-house team poised to help councils create masterplans, unlock funding and remove barriers that could derail projects.

Here are some examples of where our team have supported customers with the development and feasibility of their Masterplans:

Supporting Levelling Up Fund bid for Rosegarth Square in Boston

We helped Boston Borough Council on a successful £14.8m Levelling Up Funding (LUF) bid. This bid was to go towards funding the first phase of a wider masterplan, transforming a brownfield site into a space for the local community.

Although the council had a strong vision for the masterplan, we were instrumental in supporting them in accessing the LUF and understanding the required order of works.

We collaborated with public, private and charity organisations - all of which had a vested interest in the area - to understand the scheme, requirements and overcome potential barriers.

Our feasibility work also enabled us to advise the council on which elements of the project should be included in the LUF bid from a cost and timescale perspective. The use of a project cost plan and programme evidenced viability, and we were also able to lend our expertise regarding which works could or couldn't be included from a sequence perspective.

The council were successful in their bid, and our recommended approach will now be implemented. This will include the demolition of a disused shop, enabling works for later phases of the redevelopment, the construction of a residential building for the YMCA, and public realm work to create green spaces between the town and bus station.

Rosegarth Square - Boston Town Centre CGI.jpg

Creating a vision for Gedling Borough Council's masterplan

We're working with Gedling Borough Council to create a vision for their masterplan that will ensure the economic viability, deliverability, and future sustainability of urban regeneration plans for Arnold town centre.

Our team are supporting the council across all aspects of the 'Ambition Arnold' plan - from securing funding, to identifying new spaces that will benefit the local community.

Find out more about this project here.

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