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Blue light

With stretched budgets becoming increasingly common, the obstacles faced by the blue light sector need to be addressed for the sake of local communities

The workplaces of our emergency services are, mostly, in desperate need of modernisation. This is vital not only for efficiency and cost purposes but also to prioritise the wellbeing and safety of those in work in them.

Read about some of the facilities we've delivered in the Midlands, including:

Creating a tri-service facility at South Park Blue Light Campus

The South Park Blue Light Campus is a combined campus for Lincolnshire Fire, Police and Ambulance services. It builds upon the collaborative nature of other blue light facilities across the country but going a step further to be the first tri-service facility of its kind in the UK.

By bringing the three emergency service teams together under one roof, the combined campus approach aims to generate better efficiencies. It will also help to create more of a community feel, with the different disciplines able to work, train in the onsite gym and socialise with each other. In contrast, the old, outdated facilities were dispersed over a wide area which caused inefficiencies and process issues.

Housing firefighters, ambulance staff and police officers, one of the most challenging parts of the project was ensuring the needs of the three different services were balanced and met. Some examples of the specialist requirements include the Fire and Rescue team needing to be based on the ground floor so they would be able to reach the fire engine within two minutes of receiving a call. Another requirement from the East Midlands Ambulance Services was that all areas and surfaces needed to be sterile - from seating areas right the way across to the communal fridge!

Another benefit of having the three services under one roof is the cost savings the three emergency services are receiving. Not only is the new site more energy-efficient, but there are also reduced utilities and running costs. Finally, there is also a PV array on the roof, generating renewable energy that is helping to power the building.

Lincoln Blue Light Campus

Setting a new benchmark for custodial design at Nottinghamshire Police Custody Suite

The state-of-the-art suite is underpinned by a number of impressive features: strategic design, technological solutions, modern methods of construction and even research into making the facility suitable for vulnerable detainees.

Sitting at the heart of the entire project is the safety and comfort of employees and detainees. The suite doesn't just meet the minimum requirements for a detainee’s environment; it goes far beyond it.

Alongside basic requirements, such as sunpipes that provide detainees with natural light, the suite is built to meet the needs of vulnerable detainees. Nottinghamshire Police worked closely with University of Nottingham to underpin design decisions with research; identifying elements that would make facilities suitable for people with additional needs, such as autism. This includes features that help to minimise sensory overload such as programmable lighting to allow the harshness of the lights to be altered, as well as calming, built-in art on the walls.

Vulnerable detainees can also receive specialist help onsite, with facilities built to house nurses, mental health specialists, and drug and alcohol teams.

The comfort and safety of employees has also been considered throughout, with natural light sources being an important feature to promote better wellbeing.

We also used MMC (modern methods of construction) to deliver four precast concrete wings that contain 50 cells. Taking the approach of creating four wings helps to increase safety for the employees. It is quicker and easier to reach specific detainees, provides line of sight down the corridor and allows them to close down entire wings if they aren’t in use. Finally, each cell includes a call unit that allows detainees to contact staff, reducing the amount of manual checks required.

Nottinghamshire Police Custody Suite heading 2.jpg

A brand new look for the West Midlands Police Headquarters

We gave Lloyd House, West Midlands Police's headquarters, a new lease of life. Having been the headquarters since 1974, and supporting 800 staff from a range of departments, the old building was no longer fit for purpose.

The full refurbishment has given the force a bright, modern and IT-focused working environment that is fit for the 21st century. The improved working environment includes open and flexible floor plans, allowing more workers to be accommodated in the building.

With capacity increased to 1,100 members of staff, the force has been able to make savings by consolidating other city centre leasehold premises. The administrative bases around the city centre and the operational base at Steelhouse Lane police station have moved into Lloyd House, saving millions of pounds.

To achieve this, we undertook internal reconfiguration and refurbishment, replaced and upgraded building services, added over-cladding of the existing facade with an insulated render system, and fitted new windows. This has also improved the insulation of the building, which will help with energy efficiency.

Lloyd House external mid

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