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Shipley scouts

outside area transformed


Supply chain partners supported the project

New block

hosting toilets, showers and DDA compliant ramp

Callum’s Trainee Challenge: Transforming spaces for the Shipley Scouts

The construction of a new, disability compliant outbuilding will support the scouts' mission...

Every year, each office elects a final-year management trainee to plan and deliver a community project, with just £500 seed money. Our trainees engage with local stakeholders and charity partners, galvanising our people and supply-chain partners to support. In 2021, all challenges were guided by Now or Never.

Read more about what our trainee challenger in our London & South region, Callum Cronin, achieved…

Callum’s challenge focused on transforming an outside space for local scout’s organisation, The Shipley Scouts, through the construction of a new, disability compliant outbuilding. The Shipley Scouts were founded in 1908. Their activities focus on helping children from deprived areas and disabled young people. But the organisation requires more space to enable these activities to happen.

So, in 2019, the Scouts set about improving their outdoor area. Another contractor promised to complete a new outbuilding for the scouts. However, after completing the foundation work and some of the frame, the contractor pulled out of the job, leaving the organisation with a far from finished building.

Callum heard the Scout’s story and wanted to help. Along with a team of trainees from the region, Callum called on our supply chain partners to complete the construction, which now features a new toilet and shower block, complete with DDA compliant disabled facilities and access for the scouts.

In addition, he galvanised a team to carry out works to rejuvenate an overgrown and disused outdoors space.

Throughout the project, Callum and his team engaged with the young people at the scouts, educating them on the project and the different roles within the construction industry.

What was once an overgrown and unused area of land has been transformed into a great facility that the scouts can use for years to come.