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Eltham Community Hospital

Bringing together Greenwich Intermediate Care Unit, GP surgeries, outpatient and social care together under one roof

Eltham's new Community Hospital is a template for a new generation of 'all in one' facilities providing primary and community care services.

Thanks to our team's work, the hospital is a main community hub for services which include:

  • GP Practices, Eltham Palace Surgery and the Eltham Medical Practice
  • mental health services
  • phlebotomy
  • therapies
  • podiatry
  • children's services
  • minor procedures
  • outpatient care
  • support for people with long term condition


As a NHS hospital, Eltham Community Hospital provides a modern home for GPs, nurses and social care under one roof. The hospital enables the delivery of integrated clinical and community services to meet the needs of people in the borough of Greenwich. The hospital also features 40 intermediate care beds, out-patient consulting rooms and a state-of-the-art x-ray suite.

Greenwich Intermediate Care Unit

The hospital is the new home for the Greenwich Intermediate Care Unit, which moved from the Bevan Unit.

Key Objectives/Challenges

  • The surrounding site location was a sensitive one, housing a funeral directors and children’s hospice. Regular meetings were held to ensure minimal disruption to both parties respecting both environments.
  • The team created a robust logistics plan before starting on site to ensure the busy access road and tight site did not hinder the progression of the project.


  • Primary and community care services in one state-of-the-art facility
  • Highlights our track record in LIFT and NHS work
  • Provides high quality, integrated clinical and community services
  • Features two GP practices, Eltham Medical Practice and Eltham Palace Surgery
  • Delivered by company's Cobham team




The Heights, Building One

KT13 0NY

Tel: 01932 584700