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Early 2022



cell custody suite

Bedfordshire Police Custody Suite

Design and build of custody suite, office space and associated external works to provide a new headquarters building for Bedfordshire Police

The new facility includes a 22-cell custody block, offices for police and staff, as well as parking and associated external works. Located at their Kempston headquarters, the new custody suite replaced a temporary variant and is the first major building commissioned at the site since 2005.

Bedfordshire Police HQ 1 (2).jpg

The state-of-the-art custody facility is accompanied by around 1,600 sqm of new office space. This allows the force to have all its investigation teams operating under one roof, which should translate into benefits around operational work and information sharing.

Bedfordshire Police HQ 1 (5).jpg

Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Kathryn Holoway, said:

“Since the old Greyfriars station in Bedford closed down because its custody suite was not fit for purpose, its replacement has been being planned. This has been a priority for me, and I’m absolutely delighted to get this build underway on my watch. This is essential as our detention staff and officers deserve to have the best working environment we can provide, and we need to remember that those in police custody have not yet gone before a court and are innocent until proven guilty.”

Chris Tredget, managing director of Willmott Dixon in London and East:

“We are delighted to build on our strong pedigree in the blue light sector to deliver a new state of the art custody suite for Bedfordshire Police. Having built similar facilities in the region, we are collaborating closely Bedfordshire Police to ensure that the facility will meet all of their requirements and needs, providing a state-of-the-art building and better environment for all.”

Bedfordshire Police HQ 1 (1).jpg


  • First major building commissioned on site since 2005
  • 1,600 sqm of new office space




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