Martin Ballard

Group environment manager

Martin’s role is to ensure the sustainable practices and targets we set for site performance are being consistently embedded and delivered. He leads our environment team on legal assurance, environmental protection and promotion of environmental improvements.

Before he joined us, Martin was Anglian Water’s performance manager in construction and supply chain, where he developed and embedded new approaches to carbon reduction, plus water, waste and environmental management across several frameworks with suppliers.

Martin has a valuable role to ensure our sustainable initiatives are being embedded and delivered at project level. He is the glue that ensures we deliver our targets for sustainable performance.

Martin says, “Getting the basics right ‘first-time-every-time’ is essential to deliver on our sustainable goals, which are among the highest in the sector. We are close to achieving ‘zero waste to landfill’, a fantastic feat, and I will help make sure we embed new processes for site waste management and reporting so that we can continue pushing the barriers of performance.”

Other areas covered by Martin include biodiversity, energy and water efficiency, as well as managing sustainable materials.He has experience of delivering on waste, water, and carbon reduction, as well as strategic stakeholder and supply chain engagement, for example on biodiversity, surface water and sustainable urban drainage controls.