Fran Cox

Operations Director - Sunesis

Sunesis is a joint venture between Willmott Dixon and Scape, built on the combined experience of public sector know-how and private expertise. The schools are pre-designed and fixed-price with designs that have been refined through input from teachers and education specialists creating optimum learning environments.

Fran joined the Sunesis team in 2017; an experienced commissioner of school buildings, she understands the process of pupil place planning and the necessity to find the correct solution to meet budget and time constraints. Fran leads on the day to day operations of Sunesis with a focus on customers, ensuring the right solution is found for each individual circumstance.

Previously Bedfordshire’s head of school organisation and infrastructure, and a psychologist by profession, Fran believes there are significant advantages to education embracing offsite manufacturing.

Our Sunesis school in Lincoln

Fran is passionate about positive outcomes for children and young people and is determined to ensure Sunesis does its part in supporting their education through high quality teaching and learning environments.

Fran says,

“Our starting position at Sunesis is to use modular as much as possible. Apart from the quality and programme advantages, it can also help where there are space constraints in the site; we’ve craned in modules from dual carriageways and from churchyards.
“We have a new scheme just come in where the classrooms will be modular, but the gateway building will be CLT. I can see a popular hybrid emerging where many elements of the school, including the classrooms, are volumetric, but the gateway or atrium – the ‘wow’ factor of the school – are built using a different methodology.”
“The beauty of Sunesis is the simplicity of what they offer: clear timescales for delivery, flexibility where necessary, and certainty of cost.”