As a privately-owned company, Willmott Dixon is not currently subject to regulated emissions reductions. However, we are a responsible business with a commitment to demonstrate leadership in sustainable development, so we make it a priority to increase our efficiency and reduce our emissions.

This is one of our biggest challenges, because we use a lot of fuel and energy when we construct, maintain and retrofit buildings. We cannot cut our emissions altogether, but over the years we have introduced a number of initiatives which are helping us bring them down.

Our Energy and Carbon Management Strategy provides structure to this work. Each of our local company offices has developed its own Carbon Action Plan so they can play their part in delivering our Group carbon targets.

There is a strong business case for us to reduce our carbon emissions. Back in 2010 we anticipated huge rises in energy costs. So we invested in equipment and initiatives which have helped us save millions of pounds over this period.

Working with the Carbon Trust has helped us strengthen our approach and define clear reporting boundaries which are in line with the requirements of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Green House GasProtocol.