We have over 40 offices across the UK and around 150 building sites at any one time.

It's therefore unsurprising that transport emissions account for well over half of our overall carbon footprint, and that the greater our turnover, the higher our emissions. The rising cost of fuel means that having an active programme to manage our emissions makes sound business as well as environmental sense. Our long-term goal is to decouple our emissions from our turnover altogether.

Collecting mileage information

We collect business and commuting mileage information through The Miles Consultancy (TMC). This includes information about all company car and grey fleet vehicles, and all our employees must submit monthly information on their business and commuting mileage.

Plans, projects and initiatives

Over the years we have put in place a number of plans, policies and initiatives to help us reduce our transport costs, mileage and emissions. These include a cycle purchase scheme and generous cycle and car share mileage payments. We have invested in videoconferencing software across the Group to help reduce the need to travel to meetings.

Business Mileage

Across the company we measure and record our business mileage and commute mileage so we can better understand our business operations and their impacts. We are always looking to help our staff reduce their need to travel or where it cannot be avoided adopt more sustainable methods of transport. This both reduces our carbon emissions and helps our staff work more effectively.


We aim to reduce the emissions from our company car fleet and from employee-owned cars that are used on business, through the following policies:

  • Reducing the maximum emissions for cars on our company car lists.
  • Incentivising staff with car allowances to buy cars with lower emissions through our Green Bonus Scheme.
  • Incentivising car sharing.
  • Flexible working.
  • Fitting of Eco-tyres on our car fleet.